A meeting of representatives of enterprises of the Ukrainian Association "UKREELECTROCABLE"

odeskabel 1Today, September 20, a meeting of representatives of enterprises of the Ukrainian Association "UKREELECTROCABLE" was held at the Odesabel PJSC plant.

During the meeting, a number of issues related to the regulation of the cable industry, issues of harmonization of Ukrainian standards with European laws were examined.

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The Odessa cable plant "Odeskabel" has been awarded by the Telecom Awards 2019 winner in the nomination "MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR OF TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT AND DECISIONS"

telecom awards 1In early September, the fourth All-Ukrainian Telecom Awards and Telecom Awards 2019 Telecom Awards and Media Awards took place in Odessa during the fifth Telecom Ukraine 2019 Anniversary Meeting.

This year the organizing committee received more than 70 projects in 21 nominations.

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In honor of the celebration of the anniversary of the 225th anniversary of Odessa, on the Duma Square from the hands of the mayor, the award was received by the Director General of PJSC Odeskabel, honorary citizen of Odessa region Dmitry Iorgachеv

iorgachev truhanovFor a significant personal contribution to the development of the industrial complex, personal merits in promoting the economic, socio-cultural development of the city, outstanding organizational skills, charitable activities and active citizenship, he was awarded the honorary sign of the Odessa mayor named after Grigory Marazli II degree.

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Final season of certification courses SCN OK-net

PP uni 1We thank everyone for participating in the next training on SCN OK-net. In addition to the standard theoretical and practical parts of the courses on SCN, the participants visited the workshops of the Odeskabel factory, saw all the stages of the production of symmetric LAN cables, fiber-optic cables, talked to a team of employees of the enterprise.

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Certification courses SCN OK-net

photo5213181830612757460 1

It has already become a good tradition to conduct training for employees of installers and integrators in the subtleties of working with Structured Cable Networks.

For the second year in a row, at the Odeskabel plant they train specialists in international standards for installation, design, installation of communication systems and IT infrastructure.

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