Integrated management system

Quality as a key success factor

The quality management system (QMS) is considered by the management of the enterprise as a determining factor in continuous activities improvement assurance and in achievement of enterprise’s sustainable success.

All products produced are in compliance with the following:

  • regulatory documentation for each product type, as well as legal requirements in force in Ukraine.
  • European Harmonized standards.

Odeskabel PJSC carries out the product assessment for compliance with the requirements of Technical Regulations and EU Directives, as well as product certification in the compliance assessment bodies.

The management of Odeskabel PJSC has adopted the concept of a process approach, based on “Risk-based thinking” in terms of development, implementation and improvement of the QMS effectiveness, taking into account the expected or desired degree of customer satisfaction, as well as the needs and expectations of other interested parties.

For the purpose of full compliance with the requirements of all interested parties, the enterprise has implemented an integrated management system, including a QMS developed on the basis of DSTU ISO 9001 (ISO 9001), an environmental management system according to DSTU ISO 14001, an occupational health and safety management system according to DSTU OHSAS 18001, a social liability system according to international standard SA 8000.

Internal quality control system

One of the key factors of quality improvement for cabling and wiring products produced is the use of an integrated approach in quality planning at all stages of the product life cycle.

Materials purchased for cabling and wiring products production are subject to incoming inspection, which is carried out by specialists of the plant’s central laboratory for various indicators that have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product (physical and mechanical, electrical, etc.).

Requirements for the quality indicators for the purchased materials are set on the basis of numerous experimental studies and the experience of technological services specialists of the enterprise.

At all stages of the products production, the specialists of the quality control department (QCD) confirm the compliance of the quality indicators of semi-finished and finished products with the requirements set.

The tests conditions and the list of controlled parameters are specified in regulatory documents (in international and harmonized standards, as well as in the technical specification of Odeskabel PJSC for cabling and wiring products produced).

Testing laboratory and QCD competence

Since 2006, the testing laboratory of Odeskabel PJSC has been accredited for technical competence according to DSTU ISO/IEC 17025 to conduct the cabling and wiring products compliance assessment.

Currently, more than 50 test methods are included in the sphere of accreditation of the laboratory.

The testing laboratory consists of 10 leading employees of the enterprise (5 of them are QCD specialists).

The testing laboratory of the plant and the QCD subdivisions are equipped with modern equipment, including unique testing equipment of leading world manufacturers, which allows periodic, typical, inspection and acceptance tests for the entire range of products produced according to the required quality indicators, including the resistance to the impacts of electrical, physical-mechanical and climatic factors, in accordance with the requirements of national and international regulatory documents.

In particular, the testing subdivisions are equipped with unique equipment for measurement and testing:

  • The unit for cable parameters complex measurement for structured networks AESA-9500 (manufactured by AESA, Switzerland); 
  • Optical emission spectrometer for elements mass fraction determination in copper ARL 4460 (manufactured by Applied Research Laboratorias, Switzerland);
  • Test bench SR-100 kV for high-voltage testing and partial discharges level determination in power supply cables with insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene for the operating voltage of up to 35 kV (manufactured by Dielec, PRC);
  • Universal measuring platform MTS 6000 (manufactured by JDSU), etc.

High quality of works carried out by the testing laboratory is confirmed by the results of:

  • inter-laboratory comparisons;
  • external audit by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU).

* In total, all of the above ensures reliable and safe operation of cabling and wiring products of “Odeskabel” TM during the entire service life.

Corporate policy of the enterprise
  1. Compliance with the basic principles of quality management according to ISO 9000 series standards.
  2. Compliance with the principles of business ethics in relation to all interested parties, as well as corporate values/conditions for sustaining a positive brand image of the enterprise.
  3. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  4. Introduction of modern cabling and wiring products structure, materials and equipment.
  5. Introduction of advanced technologies in the sphere of cable production in order to ensure a consistently high level of consumer properties of products that meet the increasing demands of the market.
  6. The use of equipment, materials and technologies making no harm to human health and environment.
  7. Formation of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with suppliers of raw materials, other materials and services, as well as with other interested parties.
  8. Expansion of sales markets, including the development of markets of the European Community and other regions. 
  9. Conduct of staff training in order to increase competence and unlock the creative potential of each employee on an ongoing basis.
  10. Creation of social conditions and personnel motivation system that contribute to the conscious involvement of all enterprise employees in the quality management process.
  11. Introduction of a “lean production” culture and creation of organizational conditions for its operation.
  12. Allocation of financial, technical, personnel, information and other resources required to ensure the functioning of the integrated management system.
How to protect yourself from counterfeit products?

There are cases of counterfeit products circulation at the cable market. Counterfeit cabling and wiring products, in a strict sense, are DANGEROUS for human life and health — there is a risk of fires and emergency situations when using low-quality products, as well as, in some cases, the release of harmful and hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

In order to minimize the risks of counterfeit (fake) cabling and wiring products purchase, we offer the following:

  • To buy goods ONLY in brand stores of the plant and in our branches located in different cities of Ukraine, in places where the joint venture’s products are sold (Republic of Moldova), as well as from authorized dealers in other countries.
  • To check the authenticity of products using the enterprise’s website in on-line mode.
  • To use other methods that will help to distinguish the product of our enterprise from counterfeit products (check the availability of the Quality Certificate and/or Declaration of Conformity, make sure that the products are placed in the original container with the logo of Odeskabel PJSC or the trademark patented by the enterprise, and check the availability of the corresponding marking on the surface of the product and/or in the accompanying label as well).