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PJSC «Odeskabel» is a long-term partner of the industry conference «SCS. ACS and video surveillance 2021»

On May 20, 2021, the 15th branch conference “SCS. ACS and video surveillance 2021“ took place in Kiev, in the building of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Conference attendees showed great interest in the new solutions of SCS OK-net, in particular, in the cable solutions.

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Serhiy SYDORENKOV, Head of SCS OK-net "Odeskabel" spoke on the Thematic Section: "Development and trends of the Ukrainian SCS market". He told vividly about the trends of European countries in comparison with Ukrainian ones. Based on 35 years of experience with "optic cable" and 20 years of experience with LAN-cable, Odessa Cable Plant occupies a leading position in the production of cables for data transmission. And the proposed comprehensive OK-net solutions top a chart of the popularity rating among all brands represented in Ukraine.

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Oleg LUCHAK, Head of Odeskabel Cable Sales, announced in his report the acquisition of Odeskabel's new licensed packaging equipment for LAN cables from the world-famous company REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. (USA) and announced the transition to a new high-tech generation of REELEX AIR packaging this year, told about the benefits of the new packaging and compared with existing solutions on the market.
During his speech, Oleg Luchak emphasized that today "Odeskabel” PJSC is, in all respects (high quality products, modern and high-tech packaging and a wide range of LAN-cables of all possible categories and types), at the level of global brands and that there is no reason to doubt, but on the contrary, it is necessary to trust the domestic producer more.
At the end of the conference, diplomas and commemorative prizes from "Odeskabel" PJSC were presented to the participants of the event.

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