Power cables with XLPE insulation up to 1 kV

Aluminium conductor XLPE insulated & PVC sheathed steel tape armoured power cable APvBbShv 1 kV

Кабель силовой алюминиевый с изоляцией из сшитого полиэтилена, бронированный, в поливинилхлоридном защитном шланге АПвБбШв на напряжение 1 кВ


Multicore power cable rated voltage 1kV for installations as outdoor, indoor in dry ducts and tunnels, and where mechanical protection is required or for tensile stresses during installation and operation.


1. Conductor: aluminium round solid or round stranded or sector shape acc. to EN 60228 class 1 or 2;
2. Insulation: XLPE;
3. Core wrapping: polymer tape;
4. Armour: galvanized steel tapes;
5. Outer sheath: PVC.

Design versions

APvBbShvng - cables with flame retardant performance acc. to IEC 60332-3;
APvBbShvng-LS - cables with low smoke/gas emission flame retardant performance acc. to IEC 60332-3.

Requirements compliance

DSTU IEC 60502-1;
ТУ У 31.3-05758730-024:2002;
DSTU EN 60228;
Flame Retardant per: DSTU IEC 60332-1-2, DSTU 4809.

Technical-operational characteristics

Ambient temperature, °С from -50°С to +50°С
Installation of the cables without prior heating should be carried out temp., not less than, °С -15°С
Continuous permissible conductor temperature, °С +90°С
Minimum bending radius by laying:  
- single core cable  
- multi core cable 15 cable diameters
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