Power cables with XLPE insulation 6-35 kV

Single core XLPE insulated cables aluminium-wire armoured with polyethylene outer sheath, longitudinally watertight APvEAkP / PvEAkP 6-35kV

Кабели силовые бронированные алюминиевой проволокой с изоляцией из сшитого полиэтилена АПвАкП, ПвАкП на напряжение 6-35 кВ


Armored power cables with XLPE insulation for rated voltages U0/U(Um) from 3,6/6 (7,2) kV up to and including 20,8/35 (42) kV at 50 Hz AC.
Uo - phase to ground voltage.
U - rated phase to phase voltage.
Um - maximum voltage (permissible highest voltage for which the equipment is specified).
Cables are suitable for installation in the following areas:
- in soil (trenches), despite the corrosiveness degree of soils;
- in areas, where mechanical impacts against cable are possible;
- in the air, including cable structures, if provided the additional fire protection;
- on difficult route sections, with unlimited difference of elevation.


1. Conductor: aluminum or copper stranded compacted round core, acc. to EN 60228 class 2;
2. Inner extruded semiconductive layer (conductor screen): cross-linked PE-compound;
3. Insulation: XLPE;
4. Outer extruded semiconductive layer (insulation screen): cross-linked PE-compound;
5. Lapping layer: semiconductive swellable water-blocking tape;
6. Screen: copper wires fastened with a copper tape;
7. Separating layer: swellable water-blocking tape;
8. Inner sheath: PVC;
9. Armor: aluminum wires;
10. Outer sheath: PE-compound.

Design options:

1) APvEAkPng-HF, PvEAkPng-HF - cables with halogen-free & flame retardant performance;
2) APvEgaAkP, PvEgaAkP - cables with additional sealing layer as radially watertight: aluminum foil laminate.

Requirements compliance

International: IEC 60502-2; CENELEC HD 620 S2 / 605 S2; IEC 60840;
National: TS U 27.3-05758730-093:2017;
Flammability: IEC 60332-1-2, DSTU IEC 60332-1-2, DSTU 4809.

Technical-operational characteristics

Ambient temperature, °С from -60°С to +50°С
Continuous permissible conductor temperature, °С +90°С
Maximum permissible conductor temperature at short circuit, °С +250°С
Maximum permissible temperature of copper screen at short circuit, °С +350°С
Maximum permissible conductor temperature during a short circuit under condition of non-ignition of the cable (duration of the short circuit should not exceed 5 sec.), °С +400°С
Maximum permissible conductor temperature in emergency operation, °С 130 °С
Duration of the cable in emergency operation should not be more than 8 hours per day and not more than 1000 hours for service life;  
Installation of the cables without prior heating should be carried out temp., not less than, °С -15°С
Minimum bending radius by laying not less than 20 overall diam
Warranty period: 5 yeas from the date of commissioning of the cables, but not more than 6 years from the date of manufacture; the minimum cable life is 40 years
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APPENDIX A1. Reference information on the outer diameter and the estimated weight of power cables for voltage 6-35 kV - Download

APPENDIX A2. Reference information on permissible current loads of power cables for voltage 6-35 kV - Download

APPENDIX A3. Correspondence table of brands of power cables for voltage 6-35 kV (Ukraine - EU) - Download