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PJSC Odeskabel - the winner of the regional tour of the All-Ukrainian rating “Conscientious taxpayers”

In Odessa, we summed up and named the enterprises of the region, which are the most responsible and executive taxpayers.

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It has been a rule in Ukraine to disclose the names of those who honor the tax burden in 2011. The competition was organized by the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine”, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“I am sure: for each participant in this competition, paying taxes is a matter of honor,” said Natalia Chebotareva, Acting Head of the Main Department of the State Tax Service in Odessa Region. - The leaders of these enterprises, declaring their income in full, successfully create full-fledged jobs, implement investment projects, and make a significant contribution to the budget and development of the region. This approach to work deserves attention and encouragement.

This year more than 400 enterprises, organizations and institutions took part in the competition.

There were several criteria by which the best of the best were determined. This is the average salary, and tax burden, and the amount of taxes paid in relation to the number of employees in the enterprise.

In the industrial sphere, the Odeskabel plant turned out to be the most serviceable taxpayer.

And in the field of health care and social assistance - the clinic "St. Katerina" in Odessa.

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