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Exhibition «Energy in Industry-2019»

From 5 to 7 November, annual large-scale exhibitions took place in Kiev at the International Exhibition Center of the capital - the international specialized exhibition "Energy in Industry-2019", the international specialized exhibition of mining industry "Mining & Minerals Expo-2019", the international specialized exhibition "Neftegazexpo-2019", the international Specialized Exhibition "Electro Install-2019".

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On an area of ​​about 12 thousand square meters. 330 participants from 23 countries of the world represented their achievements.

The exhibition "Energy in Industry" has traditionally been attended by many well-known brands, manufacturers of electrical equipment.

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The products, yes, in fact, the company of PJSC Odessa Cable Plant Odeskabel itself does not need a special introduction. This is one of the most powerful players in the electrical market of Ukraine. And the stand at the exhibition "Energy in Industry" is a vivid confirmation of this.

The plant's nomenclature includes more than 10,000 product sizes. Among them: medium-voltage power cables, wires for power lines, cables for solar power plants, electrical wires, assembly, installation, connecting cords, control and signal-blocking cables, fiber-optic cables, LAN cables, telephone and digital xDSL communication cables as well as radio frequency cables, heating cables for electrical heating and anti-icing systems, others.

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This is all PJSC Odessa Cable Plant Odeskabel demonstrated at its booth as part of the exhibition “Energy in Industry-2019”.
Professional consultations of the friendly staff created a pleasant atmosphere and a constructive environment for communication at the stand.

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The preliminary results of the exhibition indicate that the event turned out to be really large-scale, with a large number of interested industry specialists. The dialogue between participants and guests was professional and substantive.

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