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Reliability and quality are like a symbol of Odessa

The Ukrainian flagship in the cable industry is 70 years old.

If we talk about the symbols of Odessa, of course, the first thing that comes to mind - it's the opera house, Deribasovskaya, a monument to Duke ...

However, there are also less explicit, but no less meaningful symbols. Probably, about the factory "Odeskabel" do not know the tourists who visit our city, but with its products are familiar to those who, one way or another, face the cable in everyday life and at work. And for them "Odessacable" is a symbol of stability and quality.

In the distant 1949, in the postwar Odessa, a factory was set up on the basis of several workshops for the manufacture of low current cords. In the 60's, the company equipped the latest imported equipment - and OKZ - became the flagship in the production of telecommunication cables within the Union.

In the late 80's - they learned the production of a fiber-optic cable. Today - the company actively participates in so-called "green" projects ...

What is this excursion in the past? To understand that over 70 years of industrial beauty has greatly changed, but there are several things that have remained unchanged - the desire to keep pace with the times and meet market demands, and an understanding that the outdated equipment is unlikely to be able to "enter" in the bright future.

The plant introduces annual equipment upgrades - all this allows it to remain in the trend. Allows you to be modern and powerful, but do not forget about traditional values ​​- quality and reliability.

Today's success depends not on the ability to make a product, but on understanding the goals and objectives of your partners in the complex. Therefore, in recent years much attention has been paid not only to the production of products, but also to the implementation of services for the development of engineering solutions, installation control and quality assurance. It is a mutually beneficial cooperation, easier to understand local needs, and seeing world trends, preparing for the future.

On the day of the jubilee it was decided to sum up, but when it comes to the anniversary of the "Odeskabel" plant, the results should be summed up, as if the intermediate, too often raised the bar of the tasks.

What has the factory reached today?

Please: The plant is an absolute leader in the national cable industry. Today it has a network of representative offices in 6 largest cities of Ukraine, there are more than 900 employees at the plant, and among the many clients in Ukraine there are the largest telecom operators: Ukrtelecom, MTS, Kyivstar, Lifecell, Intertelekom, a group of companies Vega, nuclear power plants, railways, Ukrenergo, Ukrtransnafta, Ukrtatnafta, Naftogaz, Kryvorizhstal, DTEK and others.

Successful work for 70 years is a merit of all people who stood at the roots, built and developed the Odeskabel factory. This team appreciates every consumer and, therefore, it does everything reliably - as for itself.

This is the secret of the quality of the trademark Odeskabel.

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